About The Linen Press, LLC

The Linen Press, LLC. was established in January 2002 by Linda Burns as a collection of vintage and antique items to offer for sale.

Linda is experiened in many different techniques of sewing. She has studied heirloom sewing techniques, attended numerous programs in hand sewing, embroidery, smocking, and machine embroidery. Linda is a licensed Martha Pullen Viking Instructor and licensed Martha Pullen Serger Instructor. She has been a teaching assistant at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion in Huntsville, Alabama; has attended The Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion every year since 1994; and has attended SAGA conventions in 1995, 1999, 2004, and 2005; and has been a business member of SAGA for 3 years and a member at large since 1995. Linda has over twenty years experience of reconstructing damaged gowns and repurposing gowns to save the garment for another special event.

The Linen Press, LLC. has an extensive library of sewing, needlework, lace, construction, and textile titles that are constantly researched to determine accurate information about our garments and to gather knowledge about our collection, it's history and construction details.

About our Collection

Our gowns come primarily from The British Isles and Western Europe. The lengths vary from 12 inches to 52 inches. They are made of Linen, Silk, Wool, and Cotton. Gowns date from the 1820's to the present and span thru Regency period, Civil War, Victorian, Edwardian and into the 20th Century. All our gowns are one of a kind. They are located at antique shops, garage sales, ebay, and miscellaneous contacts. Since some are over 100 years old, a tiny hole or a worn spot may be an issue. All gowns put on the website have been cleaned, repaired, and refreshed with ribbon, buttons, lace, etc. Our gowns are the best they can be before being offered for sale to you. We are not a "dress" shop, we are a specialized company. Therefore, our gowns are the best offered for the value. We pride ourselves in quality and honesty, therefore, you will be provided a description, age, country of origin and any particulars we have researched to determine the value. All gowns are provided with a catalog number.

How is pricing determined?

Many gowns and laces were found in other countries and often had to be cleaned and repaired prior to pricing. It is our work product that goes into the consideration of determining price. Rarity, complexity, repairs, age, condition, handsewn verses machine sewn, materials and design. The gowns were often made one at a time by specialized seamstresses out of the finest materials. Each and every one is a heirloom and we strive to find the most appropriate one for your needs. We do have damaged gowns that are offered at bargain prices so that sewers may purchase them for ideas and study.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a frequently asked question section to our website. If you want to know more about your gown, for example, the style, the age, fabric content, or the possible origin, we are happy to answer those questions.


The newsletter will be a variety of subject matters. I expect to relay some information that I have researched. The Linen Press has an extensive library of fabrics, lace, and antique books. A reference will be provided as part of the information.

Cabinet Cards

In an effort to learn and research the gowns we have hundreds of "adopted" family pictures to guide the way. They can be "adopted" again by you.

Do you have something to sell?

I am not the only person who is crazy about the christening gowns. They are like my children and when I find one I fall in love with, it goes home with me. I may not know the provenance but can fill in the gaps with my experience of sewing and studying so many gowns. We always have room for a few more.


We will have a hard copy of the cataloged items that will be offered for sale in the near future. If you want a guide for examples to reproduce or just to browse this may be something of interest to you. Ask us for details.

Returns and Exchanges

All garments are sold "As Is". The age, condition and provenance is made to the best of our knowledge. If there is damage to the garment, it is specified in advance in the description and the price is determined accordingly. Since many of our gowns are used for events or portraits/pictures some damage will not be noticed in the rear of the garment. We aim to please, but there are circumstances that can be negotiated for a return, exchange or store credit after a re-stocking fee is applied. We recommend that if you are unsure about a purchase, you may put a "hold" on the garment until other family can view it or be a part of the decision making process. We will hold the garment for 10 days only.