Cleaning and Refurbishing Services


Repairs-What is Possible?

It is possible to repair holes, tears, remove, add, or repair lace, add buttons, fix seams, plackets, exchange ribbon or ties.

The Charge is $ 15.00 per hour with a minimum of $ 15.00 and any supplies used in the repair i.e...lace, ribbon, thread, buttons, etc.


  • Freshen Up
  • Remove Stains
  • Ironing and Starch.
  • Adding lace, ribbon, buttons, etc.

      Minimal Charge

  • Gowns $ 50.00
  • Blankets and Linens $ 35.00

    Charges increase with length,degree of cleaning and difficulty.

      Repair of Laces

    1. $ 15.00 per hour plus speciality threads.
    2. Ability to fix Loose Braids, holes, netting.
    3. Can repair edges by mending or adding lace.

      Repurpose or Changing of Garment, Blankets, Bonnets, Coats/Capes

  • A minimum of 6 months advance notice.
  • A downpayment of $ 50.00.
  • A written contract with specifics outlined.
  • Must cite date of need.

    If possible, child available for measuring and must be available for a final fitting.

      Charges for Repurposing

  • Cost of gown if we provide it, cleaning, attaching lace, repairing seams, holes, tears, etc.
  • Adding length with fabric, lace and trims.

    Therefore, cost may include cleaning, repairing, supplies, notions, fabric, lace, and ribbon.